Hannah Society
Named after the founder of NCJW, Hannah G. Solomon is comprised of donors who contribute $1800 or more to the Annual Fund.

Debbie L. Bloom
Elaine Bolasny
Dana Darvin
Lois J. Davis
Fran Doris
Gloria Fine
Susie Gordon
Debbie Joseph
Laura Kuntz
Michele Lee
Susan C. Levine
Ellen Pollack
Loree Potash
Susan Ringel
Debbie Rosenthal
Jackie Rothstein
JoAnn Salon
Gail Sands
Toni Scherzer
Heather Schlang
Rosean K. Schmidt
Marcy Schwartz
Paula B. Sieger
Donald Zaas
Ellen Zelman

Matching Challenge
Dan and Ellen Zelman, long-time NCJW/CLE supporters, funded a challenge match in honor of NCJW/CLE’s 125th year. The Zelmans have long admired the work NCJW does to change lives for women, children and families and wanted to encourage other people to donate. Both have volunteered for NCJW/CLE’s literacy programs, including the library volunteers refurbished at the Warner Girls’ Leadership Academy in Cleveland.  


2019 - 2020 Donors
This list represents cumulative giving between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020 and includes gifts to our annual fund, sponsorships, named endowments and tributes. Thank you to all our supporters who have helped change the lives of women, children and family with their generosity.

NCJW/CLE also thanks the many individuals who made contributions of less than $99. Due to space constraints, we are unable to list them individually. We apologize for any errors or omissions. To ensure that the work of NCJW/CLE continues well into the next century, we offer several ways for you to become part of our future. To learn more, contact Mindi Axner at [email protected] or 216-378-2204.

$10,000 and above
Lois J. Davis
Robert and Sally Gries
Huntington Private Bank
Maltz Family Foundation
Stacy and Keith Palagye
Marcy Schwartz and Dan Simon
Amy Southard
Ellen and Dan Zelman

$5,000 - $9,999
Debbie and Kenneth Bloom
Nan Cohen and Daniel Abrams
Frances Schermer Charitable Trust
Lillian Schermer Charitable Trust
Huron Foundation
John P. Murphy Foundation
Susan C. and Howard Levine
Ellen Rabb
JoAnn S. Salon
Gail L. Sands
Toni and Don Scherzer
Heather and Bradley Schlang
The Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation
University Hospitals Case Medical Center
Ivy and David Zelman

$2,500 - $4,999
Joanne Berman*
Myrna Arlen Bloch and Kurt Bloch
Elaine Geller
Leah and Josh Golub
Janice and Arnold Hirshon
Debbie and Steve Joseph
Michele and Jordan Kaminsky
Laura Kuntz
PNC Bank
Susan Reis
Leslie R. Resnik
Susan and Mark Ringel
Donald Zaas

$1,000 - $2,499
Mark and Patty Arlen
Linda Barnett
Faye and Michael Bass
Jody Bernon-Wainer
Elaine Bolasny
Eileen M. Burkhart
Susan and Peter Danford
Dana Darvin
Fran and Mark Doris
Leslie A. Edwards
Alisa Feingold
Fern Feldman-Simkoff
Gloria Fine
Frank Gallucci
Elaine and Bart Gilbert
Elise and Allan Goldner
Susan and Marc Gordon
Debbie and Andy Hoffmann
Debra G. Kalette
Lola and Melvin Kamins
Michele and Bob Lee
Leslie and Ken Levine
Beth and Mark Milstein
David Moore
Barbara Zaas Partington and David Partington
Ellen Pollack
Loree Potash
Debbie Rosenthal
Jackie and Fred Rothstein
Adrienne and Harvey Siegel
Paula B. Sieger
Eileen Sill
Dana & William Trau
Margo Vinney and Jeffrey Chaitoff
Sally H. and Stanley Wertheim
Wolf Investors, LLC

$500 - $999
Dan Barnett
Janice and Gary Bilchik
Daniel Bruce Miller Brown
Florence Chelm
Diane L. Collier
Darci Cornell
Elizabeth Dery
Deborah Deutch Rabinovitz and Marty Rabinowitz
The Benefit Source, Inc.
Wendie S. and Tom Forman
Bonnie G. Frankel
Jane Friedman
Joe Galante
Cindy Glazer
Joyce G. Gordon
Roz Grossner
Jean D. Heflich
Eva M. Hurst
Bobbie and Bill Jacobson
Susan H. Kahn
Dee Kleinman
Jill and Josh Miller
Amy Nadler
Maureen Ordman-Fike
James Pazol
Cindy A. Polster
Juliana and Dr. Jon Reisman
Gloria (Gert) Resnick
Niki Resnick
Erica Rivera
Jeff Rosner
Suzanne Scharfstein
Linda Schlein
Marcia Schreibman
Marjorie Shapiro
Fern and Joel Simkoff
Loramae and Ronald Simkoff
Judy and Marv Solganik
Shani and Scott Spiegle
Fran and Mark Steinbock
The Temple-Tifereth Israel
Joyce and Eric Wald
White Cloud Studios
Joan H. Wittenberg
Tamara  and Jason Wolf
William A. Wortzman
Donna Yanowitz
Melanie Young

$250 - $499
Louise Abrams
Paula Altman Vrooman
Ameriprise Financial
Assured Partners
Gina Beim
Katie Block
Jean and Louis Bloomfield
Alyson Charnas
Ellen and Lawrence Chernikoff
Kelly Covitt
Sue and Marc Cutler
Darcy and Kenneth Edelman
Elaine Eisner and Scott Gohn
Wendy and Gene Elconin
Cynthia Fellenbaum
Barbara Corwin Franklin
Linda Friedman
Ruth L. Friedman
Adrienne and Philip Goldberg
Cheryl and Eli Goldner
Loe Goldwasser
Brenda Gordon
Lee and Peter Haas
Rosette B. Haim
Stacie and Jeff Halpern
Florence Harshman
Herman Textile Company
Debby Hoffman
Deborah Ross Hoffman
Sandra Horwitz
Jack's Deli
Carolyn Javitch
Douglas Katz
Leslie Kaufman
Sandi Klee
Lynn and Michael Kleinman
Terri and Stuart Kline
Martine and Jerome Kowal
Rita Langer
Shelly B. Lazarus
Lillian Levine
Joan and Stan Levy
Luna Bakery and Cafe
Lush Salon & Nails Spa LLC
Sheila and Kevin Margoilis
Roey and Jeff Margulies
Kelly and Andy Markowitz
Elaine Michel
Harriet and Mel Morris
Erin Oakley
Hermine K. Ostro
Shari Perlmuter
Cindy Persky
Gene B. Phillips
Deborah Picker
Cecelia Polster
Porath Business Services, Inc.
Stephanie Quaranta
Linda and Lawrence Rich
Rini Realty Company
Robert & Gabriel Jewelers
Roz and Harvey Rosenbaum
Enid and Rosenberg
Judy and Donald Schermer
Jacqui Schneider
Barbara A. Schreibman
Jane Seidman
Robin S. Seiger
Shaker Auto Lease
Ronna Z. Sherman
Esther Olgin Silver
Meryl and Dan Simon
Jane Steinman
Susie and Brian Stern
Studio MZ
Moira Utian
Leslie Terkel Wake
Weiss Movers
Judi and Marshall Wolf
Martha Zlotnik
Sandi and Burt Zucker

$100 - $249
Roz Abraham
Gloria and Ian Abrams
Anonymous (2)
Lee Apple
Denise Arnstine
Alison Aten
Constance Aten
Patricia Averbach
Casey Bankhurst
Marcy and Bruce Baum
Marcia and Alec Berezin
Lynne and Irving Berliner
Susan Berman
Eric Biel
Laurie Mitchell & Aaron Billowitz
Pearlena Bodzin
Estelle Bonchek
Barbie and Randy Boroff
Sondra Boyd
Beth Wain Brandon
Helen J. Braun
Barbara and Barry Brouman
Hazel Brown
Dorothy Canter
Kareen and Michael Caputo
Mimi and Michael Charnas
Rebecca A. Chesler
Jeannie Citerman-Kraeger
Gilda E. Cohen
Ludmila Cohn
Deborah A. Coleman
Drew Coleman
Doris Copeland
Linda Cortell Benjamin
P. Roberta Crawford
Yael Crawford
Linda and Kenneth Dery
Julie Deutch
Ruth Dombcik
Amber and Chris Donovan
Jan Dreyer
Emily D. Edelstein
Judy Eigenfeld and Rick Maron
Carol K. Eisenberg
Kathryn and Frederick Eisner
Diane Ellis
Hope and Brian Ellis
Deena Epstein
Joan Falkner
Wendy and Richard Feldman
Judith Fenton
Donna Fiala
Janet Fisher
Rina Frankel
Brenda Stack Freed
Ruth M. Friedman
Susan and Jeffrey Friedman
Phyllis and Avrum Froimson
Eti Ganin
Lois Gaynor
Phyllis Gecht
Eileen Gold
Jillian Goldfarb
Beverly Goldie
Sharon and Don Goldman
Arlene and Dr. Norman Golovan
Sally Good
David Goodman
Cheryl Gordon
Ruth L. Gordon
Shirley Gordon
Kathy Gottlieb
Susan Graines
Dan Greenberg
Sheryl Greenberg
Penny L. Greenberger
David Greene
Candace Grover
Debra Hershey Guren
Enid and Neil Gurney
Sharon Guten
Lora and Bahman Guyuron
Jody Haas
Robyne F. Habat
Reggie and Alan Harris
Julie Hayes
Lori Herman
Paula Herman
Lynda Insul
Lois and Howard Israel
Gale and James Jacobsohn
Nancy D. Jacobson
Marian Kadish
Judith and Sheldon Kaffen
Ronna Kaplan
Marilyn H. Karfeld
Cheryl Karner
Maxine Karns
Karen Karp
Susan Karp
Linda M. Katz
Judy and Jack Kaufman
Marjorie Kempner
Susan Kendis
Jane and Marvin Kinstlinger
Judith Kirsh
Merle and Robert Kiwi
Ginny Klaus
Terrie Kleinman
Elayne and Ronald Kluchin
Tobie K. Kogan
Hallie and Eric Kogelschatz
Norma and Harvey Kotler
Tami Kowit
Terri Kraus
Marci Kulberg
Barbara Landis
Jill Langer
Lynn Lappin
Sharon Lebovitz
Jonathan A. Leebow
Alice Lefkowich
Sandra and Richard Lefkowitz
Ginny Lehman
Lawrence Lempert
Elin L. Leonard
Edina Lessack
Susan Lessack
Allison S. Levine
Nancy M. Levy
Renee Lieberman
Kenneth Liffman
Diane Linick
Debbie Linn
Amy R. Lipson
Linda and Saul Ludwig
Suzanne Luria
Joan and Robert Lustig
Carol and Alex Machaskee
Linda Macklin
Lois Marcus
Rabbi Sharon Marcus
Shelley Marcus
Bonnie Marks
Phyllis Maron
Jackie Matt
Ruth Mayers
Deborah Meckler
Rupal Mehra
Barbara and Larry Mervine
Cheryl and Jack Miller
Jody Miller
Betty and Theodore Naft
Carole Naft
Rachel W. Nelson
Sharon R. Newman
Sheilah Orkin
Mimi and Edward Ormond
Annette Paley
Sandy Pearl
Cathy Pearlman
Phyllis and Gerald Penn
Ruth Perlman
Hillary Phillion
Emily M. Phillips
Julia Pollock
Fran Polster
Nancy Polster
Joanne Prober
Prospera Financial Services
Anita Pupa
Sallie Reider
Kay J. Resnick
Loree Resnik
Marlene and Edmond Ricanati
Mary Rice
Sally I. Rich
Jody Rosenbloom
Debbie E. Rosenthal
Illene Rosewater
Beth Rosner
Tena Rosner
Ellen R. Rossen
Ellen Rothenberg
Patty Rubin
Sue Rubin
Jocelyn Saltz
Suzanne Schaefer
Susan Schermer
Lillian Schlachter
Susan and Michael Schloss
Lynn Schmelzer
Carolyn and Edwin Schmith
Linda Schneider
Marilyn S. Schneider
Suzanne Schneps
Nancy Schubert
Eleanor Schwartz
Ellen Schwartz
Ilene Schwartz
Roberta and Stuart Sears
Paula and Tom Seger
Anita Seid
Maude and Mel Shafron
Frances Shagrin
Mary Ann and Gary Shamis
Barbara and Jon Shane
Rhoda Shapiro
Susan and Bob Shapiro
Jeanne Shatten and Larry Oscar
Versie Shaw
Harriet Siebert
Anita Siegal
Michael I. Siegal
Susan Siegel
Toby Siegel
Natalie Silverberg
Shawn and Barry Simon
Debra and Michael Singer
Suzanne Singerman
Peggy Smith
Barbara Sobel*
Judy Solomon
Deborah Sorin
Marsha Spitz
Sharon and Marvin Starr
Mrs. Leonard Steiger
Nanci Stein
Myra Stone
Judith Swimmer
Kati Szamos
Linda Tobin and Stephen Pepper
Benjamin Tolchinsky
Beth Tramer
Sara Tucker
Nancy Udelson and Les Rosenberg
Seth Uhrman
Laura Vexler
Sandra M. Wager
Marie Walzer
Adrienne Wasserman
Susan Wasserman
Peggy and Philip Wasserstrom
Barbara and Lionel Weber
Annabelle Weiss
Deborah R. Weiss
Fern M. Weiss
Lita and Loren Weiss
Rosemary Weltman
Marilyn Weston
Ina White
Karen Wine
Hyla J. Winston
Sheila and Marvin Wolf
Warren Wolfson
Phyllis Wolk
Ellen Worthington
Debra S. Yasinow
Joyce Young
Joel H. Zaas
Ruth Zake
Margaret Zibelman
Marty Zinamon
Sandy Zuckerman
Susan Zukerman

* of blessed memory
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